1. A mathematically verified concept

In order to simultaneously aim for low risk and high returns, we completely eliminate inaccurate and medium-term trend projections based on assumptions and estimates.

Novofina instead uses a mathematically verified trading concept. It is based on the principle of mean reversion. It involves consistently recurring patterns of movement in time windows over a few days, occurring in a predictable manner in every type of market – even with stagnating and falling prices. Due to our automated systems, we can reliably detect and evaluate these patterns in real time and across the whole market. On this basis, our systems automatically updates and invest your funds in individual assets with an immediate and high profit expectation.

Through this exceptionally broad investment diversification and a holding period of only a few days, while at the same time ensuring that statistical fluctuations are compensated, the risk is spread among many small trades.

As opposed to making irrational one off trades in individual holdings, from the sum of a large number of trades in such holdings, we achieve an above average return on your capital. This ensures that you receive the sum of a professional system design, based on mathematical certainty which is capable of consistently generating high returns. This makes Novofina unique in the private investment sphere.

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