5. Continuous Improvement and Control by Novofina

The foundation for the development of our trading systems is our know-how from over 25 years of professional expertise. We have been constantly developing our algorithms and improving our performance to a level far beyond other providers in the private investment sector.

Despite our above-average performance expectation: We continuously monitor the underlying trading activities and adjust slightly but steadily our systems. So as we continue to develop further we will keep providing our clients with even better systems as time goes by. FAQs: Human Control

To better assess the potential of our systems, we also carry out so-called back-testing. This involves simulating the performance of our algorithms based on the real prices of the last 10-20 years in order to be able to arrive at an expected future value for the long-term rate of return (see also info or FAQs). This expected value is deliberately calculated very conservatively and is well below the actual analytical results. This allows us to create high level estimations for you.

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