Neue Finanzen™

Neue Finanzen™

Founded by Novofina

New financial products are needed! Interest from savings accounts no longer make up for the decrease in real value caused by inflation.

No real value increase with saving accounts (Orange curve: e.g. annual 0.25% interest, 25% tax deducted.)

A theoretical constant 7% p.a. delivers an impressive compounded interest effect (Green curve: e.g. annual 7.00% interest, 27.5% tax deducted.)

Decrease in actual value (Inflation) exceeds returns from savings accounts = loss of buying power (Red curve: annual 1.92% Inflation based on average inflation of last 10 years.)

The yield from traditional forms of investment converges towards zero because of low interest and inflation. They are not effective in growing wealth. Private investors have been forced to consider highly speculative forms of investment without quantifiable risk or expected returns. Novofina is changing this with a unique and modern concept for modern investors who demand more.

Explore New Opportunities with Novofina

We offer, for the first time to all investors, the simple and direct path to a professional investment concept that is not based on medium-term price expectations, but on statistical repeatability.

We offer you access to our specialized trading systems which analyse the market extensively and invest your assets according to your wishes and in an optimal way. The systems are automated and make use of mathematical precision, high transparency and maximum control for you. Hence, Novofina enables private investors to access what was previously reserved for itself and a few other professional financial institutions: High returns at lower risk.

Neue Finanzen™ Explained

Initiator and founder Harald Helnwein talks about the successful concept behind Novofina. 11 Minutes, that pay off—literally!

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