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Novofina – From Idea to Revolution

What Drives Us to Make a Difference

Previously investors did not have many meaningful options to participate in the market and to build wealth in a sustainable manner. High returns are often times only promoted by providers of highly speculative complex instruments with high leverage like CFDs or opaque certificates. The risk of total loss with these instruments is high. An allegedly less risky alternative are traditional equity funds that rely on rising markets and the right selection of specific stocks by fund managers. Nevertheless the risk and return expectations are rarely really quantifiable with these products. Another alternative are financial service companies with allegedly safe forms of investment that mostly only generate very modest returns, especially after deducting hefty margins for the financial service providers.

Even active investors and traders are familiar with the problem. Trading platforms are promoted to be able to achieve quick and easy success. In the end these trading platforms often times promote risky highly leveraged products that sometimes accelerate success but more often accelerate the loss of capital.

Consistent success in the global markets works differently. It can be achieved either with a buy and hold strategy which classic funds tend to adhere to, as well as with complex, leveraged financial products. Sustainable high yields with manageable risk is achievable today with profitable trading strategies that are traded automatically. Professional investors have been making use of such systems for years and have been consistently successful over many years, even in times of crisis. Up until now outsiders still had no access to such professional agents. This is exactly what will change with Novofina!

As successful traders and system developers with decades of experience, we know the situation exactly. We also have the ability, the vision and expertise to revolutionize the investment world.

Novofina Redefines the Rules

We see ourselves as a new type of financial services company, as leading a revolution in the financial market and as the founder of Neue Finanzen™. We set ourselves the goal to innovate in the area of financial products and to enable investors to participate in that revolution. For the first time our unique concept allows private investors to trade directly in the market to gain optimal returns without  unnecessary intermediaries.

The system which we provide is now up and running and it has the conditions for maximum reliability and security incorporated into it. With Novofina you may view all your processes and align them strategically – or otherwise you may rely entirely on our automated systems. This principle is complemented by fair conditions, without additional costs or fees and without any lock-in clauses.

In this way we couple unmatched flexibility and control with excellent performance across the board and achieve more for you.

The Company

Novofina is a modern, internationally active financial firm with an Investment Services License with its own Introducing Brokerage (directly with Interactive Brokers). This highly respected license (which brings with it a significant amount of requirements) means, among other things, that we have a separate Investment Committee and Compliance Officer. Furthermore, Novofina is under constant supervision by our regulator through the various returns we have to submit on a regular basis. This is all aimed to provide for you the greatest possible standards of a stable financial firm.

The Company was incorporated in 2013 by Harald Helnwein, after years of experties in the financial sector with a focus on automated systematic trading.

Besides having Mr. Helnwein as the main shareholder, there are other core partners who have made it all possible with their investment in the Novofina group. These core investors were all former clients of the founder. No better practice is evidence as much as having years of highly satisfied users and investors who have been trading based on the Helnwein methodology and have now made a direct financial commitment to build Novofina with the founder.

Following detailed analysis, the official headquarters of Novofina was purposely established in the EU Member State of Malta. Malta is characterized not only as a jurisdiction that is one of the most consistently focused on legal compliance, but has also voted against a tax on financial transactions which would have to be borne by investors if it were to be introduced.

We want to provide new answers to the current situation in the financial markets. Our aim is to have in place a transparent service, based on a systematic approach, built on current and proven trading systems which are reliable yet simple enough to use. One solution, then, is to act swiftly and in a manner which is tailored to our clients’ needs.

Novofina sees itself as a catalyst, as a modern new entrant in the financial services industry. This is reflected in our mindset as well as in our products: Neue Finanzen™ for our clients.

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