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Novofina: Second Seed Financing Round Brings 1 Million Euro (16/11/2015)

Novofina is a fast growing global FinTech startup which strives for a highly systematic performance at low and mainly quantifiable risk with full transparency. Since its launch in 2014, the company has raised a total capital of 1.6 million euros. The funds from the second seed financing round will be used for the acquisition of new customers as well as in the development of innovative investment products.

Vienna, November 16, 2015 – “Novofina has launched its website only a year ago and has been evaluated in this seed round with a €15 million post money valuation” says CEO and founder of Novofina Harald Helnwein with satisfaction. “We are planning to increase our marketing and sales activities in the coming weeks and months in Germany and Austria and we are delighted to already have more customers than in our original estimates.” The company is currently in talks for a Series A round of financing and is pursuing a clear strategy. International partners – with a strong financial background and a strong network – are the preferred partners for Novofina’s rapid expansion.

Capital for New and Existing Customers
The streamlined structure of the start-up turns out to be a significant advantage for the expansion plans. The additional funds will be used for customer acquisition in new markets. On the other hand Novofina will invest in its user experience and additional performance improvements for existing customers. These investments will cater to our motto—”More for you”. The investment will allow for further development and improvements of our innovative investment strategies. The fully automated systems developed by Novofina act with mathematical precision and trade each client’s account based on their personal settings.

Customer Satisfaction
Even in economically turbulent times Novofina clients can expect good results. The Novofina risk management system works in all market conditions. “For example, on August 24, 2015 the so-called Black Monday, Novofina was able to deliver gains despite market slumps. The fully automated trading systems had bought the right stocks at the daily low, which a fund manager would have hardly dared because of fear”, outlines CEO Harald Helnwein.

There are two options to invest in Novofina products at the moment:
One option is to access out website or directly by telephone. Soon Novofina will also start direct and indirect sales activities.

About Novofina

About Novofina—More for you. Neue Finanzen™ Investment Solutions.
Novofina is a rapidly growing global FinTech startup that offers high-tech systems performance at a low and calculated risk level, with full transparency for our clients. The company, founded in 2014 by Harald Helnwein, offers high-tech quality trading systems to all clients, even private investors. Such advanced products had previously only been available exclusively to certain elite clients and Institutional investors. The products developed by our team of international traders are continuously optimized and are implemented by fully-automated trading systems. They already trade several million Euros worth of stock exchange listed shares on a daily basis with mathematical precision. Novofina stands for Neue Finanzen™, fairness, transparency, no binding clauses, no minimum duration, no extra fees and no hidden costs.

About Harald Helnwein—CEO and Founder, Long-term System Trader
Systems trading expert Harald Helnwein has been trading on the international markets since the late 1980s. “The Trading Engineer” as H. Helnwein is known in the US, had discovered his enthusiasm for mathematics early. His extensive experience in trading coupled with his background in electrical engineering and comprehensive quantitative analysis are combined to produce robust, workable, highly efficient trading systems. The result is stable, high-performing trading systems, confirmed through thousands of risk and stability simulations (backtests) and through the analysis of ongoing live trading results on a daily basis. Initially successful as a Managing Director and CEO of his own company in Austria, Switzerland and the USA, Helnwein later founded Helnwein Trading and Helnwein Financial Solutions. These companies are regarded as highly competent partners for institutional investors, banks, funds, asset managers, family offices and other professionals in the financial services industry. In 2013 he then got together with a group of investors in order to bring to life Novofina—a licensed investment services company making high-tech trading systems available to all investors.

Further Inquiry Notes for Journalists:
Doris Pfleger, Novofina Ltd.
E-mail: moc.a1582017761nifov1582017761on@re1582017761gelfp1582017761.siro1582017761d1582017761
Telephone (UK): +44 20 8017 2865
Telephone (Germany): +49 40 226 161 750
Telephone (Austria): +43 1 361 77 77 – 30

For Client Inquiries – Novofina Service Line:
United Kingdom: +44 20 8017 2865
Germany: +49 40 226 161 750
Austria: +43 1 361 77 77
E-mail: moc.a1582017761nifov1582017761on@of1582017761ni1582017761

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