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Clever Customers Feel Good About Their Financial Decisions

Every day we trade millions of US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and Swiss Francs on behalf of our customers with high precision and without human execution errors. We trade our customers’ account balances that are ranging from 30,000 up to millions of Euros, Swiss Francs, US Dollars or British Pounds.

Novofina clients are people of all ages, companies of all types and sizes, beginners as well as experts, active or passive traders, people who want to dive into each and every trade detail and those who simply just want to see a higher account balance at the end of the year.

We are proud to have a high percentage of female clients. Novofina is friendlier, more open and transparent and does not rely on the practices of the old finance industry with their jargon and their fees. This is appreciated by women, men and companies alike.

Investors Who May Benefit From Neue Finanzen™:

Who could become a Novofina client?
  • Individuals with an investment volume of €/£/$/CHF 30,000, – to 300,000+.
  • Companies, high net worth individuals, family offices and trust funds.
  • Pension funds and hedge funds of all sizes.
  • “Financial novices” who want to invest professionally and hassle free.
  • Professionals like fund managers and brokers.
  • Private and professional traders.
  • Asset managers for their own funds and their clients’ funds.
  • Trading systems users who want to leverage Novofina expertise.
  • Universities and private research laboratories.
  • Companies in the field of artifical intelligence and crowd behavior.
  • White label / banks that offer Novofina systems.

Why Clients Invest with Novofina

Targeting 66,800 – Instead of just 7,800

With a theoretical compound interest rate of 7% per year and an assumed capital gains tax of 25%, in 10 years a starting capital of 100,000 would yield 66,800. At a compound interest rate of 1% (savings account) only 7,800 is achieved, ie 59,000 less! No guarantee, but a justified expectation with novofina 7plus*.

The Potential to Double Your Capital in Only Five Years

With a theoretical compound interest rate of 20% per year and an assumed capital gains tax of 25% one’s capital would grow from 100,000 to 201,100 in just 5 years. No guarantee, but a reasonable goal with novofina 20plus*.

Building Wealth With a 5, 10, 15 or Longer Investment Horizon.

Leading an independent life depends on financial safety. A goal that can be achieved through one’s hard work and through an efficient parallel investing of accumulated assets.

Achieving and Safe Guarding Your Financial Freedom in Retirement

To enjoy a high standard of living during retirement comparable to that which one would have become accustomed to whilst still working requires progressive savings. Even liquid assets must be invested professionally, since interest in traditional savings accounts can no longer match the loss in purchasing power caused by inflation.

Investing on Behalf of Your Children and Grandchildren

Many clients invest through a lump-sum amount, with many of them also adding to this amount periodically to provide their children or grandchildren a nest egg for their education or other matters. As with all stock based investments, the biggest advantage can be achieved over a longer term investment horizon.

More Profit for You

Novofina does not have any hidden fees such as subscription fees, management fees or performance fees as one may find embedded within many other financial products on the market. Novofina only charges a small amount per trade, i.e. while opening or closing of a position – so only when we actually execute transactions for you. The result is: More profit for you!

Finally Enjoying a Fair Treatment and Retaining Full Control Over Your Capital

You always remain in control and have access to your capital at any time. There are no holding periods or cancellation periods. You can cancel, withdraw and even pause our trading strategies. This is useful especially when the financial markets are in distress or if you unexpectedly need part or all of your funds for other purposes.

Building Wealth the Personalized Way

Novofina does not simply pool your money with assets of other investors, but your account is traded based on your individual and personalized settings by our system (i.e. “managed account”). Your selected product or product mix can be changed daily without additional cost: We deliver the maximum value for you.

High-tech Financial Products: Focused on Building your Capital

Well established, advanced and efficient financial algorithms were previously only accessible to high net worth individuals. Novofina is finally introducing its very own successful systems to you!

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*) WARNING: Past performance and Back-tested (simulated) results are not a guarantee or reliable indicator of future performance. The value of your investment can rise as well as fall. The products are USD based investments, thus returns may be affected by currency fluctuations. The product may not be suitable to all investors.

Novofina Ltd is licensed to conduct Investment Service Business by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

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