Personalized - Transparent - Clever

High-Tech Financial Products Which are Accessible to You

Novofina is a modern, successful investment services company, that trades millions of US Dollars (equivalent) on US stock exchanges daily. Novofina offers advanced financial services to private and institutional clients.

Our Novofina Trading System (NTS) trades each client account independently and is optimized for your individual balance and your preferred system settings.

Novofina offers independent, algorithmic financial products that are developed in-house. This distinguishes us from many other new providers which simply repackage and resell existing financial products.

Better Returns for You, Without Any Management Fees or Subscription Fees

Our algorithms aim for high returns coupled with low temporary draw-downs. Our systems have automated the stock selection process as well as the trade execution which are processed in fractions of a second. Our systems minimize the risk of execution errors and eliminate mistakes based on an incorrect human judgement of the market situation made by traditional fund managers and traders.

Our clients love the way we do business. They don’t pay management fees or subscription fees or any other ancillary fees for that matter. All Novofina trading decisions are 100% transparent for our customers. Our customers are always in full control over their system settings and over their investment. They can access their capital at any time without restrictive holding periods or exit fees.

Full Control Over Your Personal Account Settings and Your Capital

Modern clients want 100% control over their capital and want to understand at each point in time what is happening with their money. The previously established market for financial services was often focused on optimizing the benefit for fund managers and banks. Novofina’s Neue Finanzen™ is exclusively focused on the benefit of our clients. Novofina is able to achieve this through openness, fairness, latest technologies and through precise and intelligent execution.

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