Stability and Security

Stability and Security Through Efficient Risk Management

An Optimal Environment for Your Investment

With novofina 7plus and novofina 20plus you are investing your money exclusively in large-cap U.S. stocks, so-called blue chips. These highly capitalized stocks have the most predictable and most steady price trends and are therefore comparatively stable and safe.

We don’t use non-transparent certificates and other artificial or virtual forms of investment coupled with leverage (derivatives). There are only real shares, i.e. shares in companies, acquired or sold. Therefore, there is no product issuer risk as in the case of the Lehman default for your system. You always get a real value. In addition, all activities are transparent and comprehensible.

We also work only with neutral brokers. To trade on the market, therefore, we only work with the best clearers (i.e. the intermediaries who actually carry out our orders for you on the stock markets). We are currently working exclusively with Interactive Brokers as our Clearer, one of the safest and most efficient brokers with the absolute best prices available (lowest cost and best clearing). Our investment products benefit from many advantages by trading exclusively on regulated market places (directly on the stock exchanges). So we avoid, for example, problems with wrong positions and can reliably control your system.

Optimal Decisions Based on Short-Term Forecasts and High Diversification

We focus exclusively on short-term market developments over a few days. The outlook for our investment decisions extends only slightly into the future. This feature, in combination with the characteristics of blue chip companies and the stability of the market places we trade on, allows us to make reliable investment decisions.

Due to the high performance and agility of our trading systems, we can manage the low residual risk over a large number of small trades. Thus our approach allows us to attain a high degree of diversification, i.e. we distribute the risk over many different stocks. By focusing on short-term developments in either direction (since we can short or purchase), we may use our systems to make profits also in stagnating and falling markets. In a nutshell, we are able to optimally and repeatedly achieve high returns.

A System-of-Systems That Is Continuously Monitored

Each of our products consists of several independent trading systems, each with their own strengths in different market phases (a so called system-of-systems). In this way, we always remain flexible to respond to the different market scenarios and can simultaneously pursue different investment strategies.

In addition, at times we make use of filters which restrict trading in turbulent market condition or completely halt it when faced with a crisis situation.

Moreover, our team of experts constantly monitors the events in the market and the performance of our trading systems to optimize them on an ongoing basis. By doing all this we aim to achieve maximum return with minimal risk.

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