How it works

Novofina – Neue Finanzen™

  • High-Tech Financial Products Made Accessible to You
  • Better Returns for You, Without Any Management Fees or Subscription Fees
  • Full Control Over Your Individual Account Settings and Your Capital
  • Stability and Security Through Efficient Risk Management

Balance Between Safety and Efficiency

The concept of Novofina is based on five pillars that make it optimal and unique in the area of private investing. This is how effective and efficient trading systems work:

A Mathematically Verified Concept

Novofina relies on a mathematically verified trading concept. More ...

An Automated Trading System That Manages Your Assets Precisely

These types of trading systems were previously available exclusively for high net worth individuals and institutional investors. More ...

A Focus on High-Quality and Low-Risk Methods of Investing

Our products novofina 7plus and novofina 20plus invest your capital exclusively in high-quality, large-cap US stocks. More ...

High Transparency and Direct Control for Investors

You can follow every trade that we make for you in real time and you can switch your capital at any time into other systems or even pause trading entirely. Cancellation period: 30 seconds. More ...

Continuous Oversight and Improvement by Novofina

The foundations of our trading systems are built on over 25 years of professional experience in the stock market. Over the last years, we have developed and continuously improved our trading algorithms and have lifted our performance to a level far beyond other providers in the private investment field. More ...

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