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* The figures indicated are based on 10 years of back-tested simulated data from 2006-2015. The back-testing is based on the actual performance of the same instruments which are traded within the products, namely US equities. Back-tested simulated results and past performance are not a guarantee or reliable indicator of future performance. The value of your investment can rise as well as fall and a loss of original capital may occur. The products invest in USD based instruments, thus investment returns may be affected by currency fluctuations.

We have managed to reduce the barriers to private and professional investing and make them accessible to everybody. As a result, we have put together two investment products which are reliable and optimally adjusted for you. You can take advantage of each product individually or alternatively you may wish to combine multiple products and adjust these settings at anytime free of charge.

You Choose the Products (Strategies) and We Implement Them Fully Automated and With the Highest Precision.

Top Expectancy with Low Drawdowns

Highly regulated stocks. Low temporary drawdowns (risk). Mean annual net HE (*) return expected at 7%.

Highest Expectancy

Highly regulated stocks. Best risk – reward ratio. Mean annual net HE (*) return expected at 20%.

Personalised Investment

Seamless product mix. Tailor made strategies for large accounts

Unique Novofina Advantages

Applicable to both – novofina 7plus and novofina 20plus

  • Capital management through professional and tested trading system, developed with the know-how of over 25 years of professional expertise
  • Market neutral – positive performance possible even during falling or sideways trending markets
  • Focus on blue-chip stocks
  • Net return expectation – drawdown risks, charges and applicable commissions are already taken into account in the expected rate of return
  • Trading decisions are based on a mathematical, statistical approach
  • No predictions on medium or long-term market developments necessary
  • Diversification through a broad portfolio selection (portfolio of more than 500 US stocks)
  • Risk mitigation by dividing the capital available for trading into many small trades with short holding periods
  • Use of filters during erratic and volatile markets
  • Focus on low downside risk (drawdown) with high performance
  • Constant monitoring of transactions and performance by our team of experts

Transparent, Reliable and Clever

  • No capital commitment and no lock-in period
  • You may access your investment at any time
  • No subscription fees
  • No management fees
  • No performance fees
  • All commissions are already priced into the expected returns
  • Minimum deposit recommendation of 30,000 EUR/CHF/USD/GBP

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