Terms & Conditions

How to Invest With Novofina

Your Novofina Account: Easily Accessible, Highly Transparency and Clever

To be able to invest your money with Novofina, you only need to register with us. We have summarized all the important steps for you.

In a continuous process, through which we will assist you from A to Z, you will need to open an account with our clearing partner, set up your account and get access to your personal investment system. After logging in you may select your strategy and allocation to such strategy, which you may change at any time. And off you go.

Our Terms and Conditions: Transparent and Justifiable

At Novofina you do not leave your money in someone else’s hands, but remain in control of your investment account with exclusive rights and privileges. Throughout the investment period you always retain control of your assets. You can adjust your investment strategies at any time with direct control throughout.

We do not make use of any artificial customer loyalty techniques through extra fees or minimum terms. Both the opening and closing of your account, as well as changes to your system are done without additional cost and you will not be bound by any time limits. In this way you truly retain maximum flexibility.

With a current minimum suggested deposit of EUR 30,000* (or other currency equivalent), we ensure that our trading systems act optimally for your capital and effectively spread and minimize risk. This ensures a high degree of efficiency for your investments.

(*) In the future, Novofina will offer even lower entry limits. Please kindly contact us to learn about the options available if you want to start investing with less than EUR 30,000.

Conditions to Match:

Novofina fees
Subscription fee EUR 0,-
Management fee EUR 0,-
Performance fee EUR 0,-
Redemption fee EUR 0,-
Opening / closing stock position USD 0.015 per Share, min. USD 2
Minimum holding period 0 days
Product / strategy switches Anytime, free
Withdrawal / pause Anytime, free
  • The account is opened in your name: You have access to your assets at any time. The right to make deposits and withdrawals remains exclusively yours. Novofina may only trade equities based on the strategies you have chosen.
  • A low minimum deposit suggestion (*) of EUR 30,000 (or other currency equivalent) for effective risk diversification.
  • No minimum duration: You may decide daily whether and which strategies you would like Novofina to allocate to your investment!
  • No time limits: You can customize your system settings on a daily basis or even completely stop your trading – without having to wait for any holding periods to expire.
  • All Novofina costs are automatically covered by the low cost of opening and closing positions for you: No issue or redemption fee, no additional administration fee or ongoing costs. The expected annual returns (7plus and 20plus) that we aim for already include all Novofina trading cost and represent your net performance (before taxes)!
  • The commission paid to Novofina (already included in the expected return, see above): Incredibly as low as USD 0.015 per share with a minimum fee of USD 2.00 will be charged per opening or closing of a position in US equities by our trading strategies! That’s all!

The Interface: Your Cockpit for Simple Asset Control

Novofina Cockpit

Your investment can be controlled via an intuitive and simple to use web-interface, which has been built specifically for our clients. Here you may control your account settings, select products and decide which product allocations you want to implement. This allows you to stay in control and monitor your investment at all times

The interface is designed for private investors. The use of the Novofina interface does not require you so have any in depth knowledge about financial products. You decide where the journey goes and our trading systems do all the hard work for you.

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