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How Novofina’s New Finance FinTech is revolutionizing the world of investment and wealth management

The world of finance is changing. Among those spearheading the changes is Novofina – with its New Finance model, that aims to provide better returns for clients through directly trading shares for them using their state-of-the-art algorithms.

FinTech Novofina – the logical next step for every stock trader and private investor

If you’ve been trading the markets yourself, you’ll be interested to know about the Helnwein Method, a particular way of developing trading systems. It’s got such a good reputation in the German speaking world that many private and institutional clients have come on board with it, because they’ve seen the results for themselves. Now it’s being made available to everyone – including private traders and investors – through the firm Novofina, which is offering a new way to manage wealth. Harald Helnwein is the CEO, and the man behind the Helnwein Method.

Why FinTech Novofina’s key investment aim is to make more money for you – not just themselves!

People wishing to invest their money are being offered more ways to do so than ever before. One of the pioneers in this field – offering investors access to sophisticated algorithms to help manage their investments as well as personal asset management is Novofina.

How FinTech Novofina controls risk when managing clients’ money with robust financial algorithms

Any investment carries risk, so managing that risk is key. How can algorithmic trading help manage that risk? Wealth management firm Novofina is pioneering products that offer algo-trading for everyone, not just people with access to private banks. I’m delighted that I am joined by their CEO Harald Helnwein to discuss how they manage risk when investing their clients’ money.

How Novofina’s New Finance FinTech benefits our investment and wealth management clients

If you’re fed up with traditional wealth management systems, you’ll be interested to know there’s a new solution available to investors. Novofina’s New Finance was set up to give investors an innovative wealth management approach. But what do Novofina mean by New Finance, how does it work – and how do clients benefit from it?

How FinTech Novofina is redefining wealth management and investment

There is a saying that if ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But what does that mean if something is broken? Harald Helnwein is the CEO of wealth management firm Novofina. He believes very strongly that the traditional wealth management systems are broken, so he is determined to offer investors a modern way – what he calls New Finance.

FinTech Novofina, a next level algo trader – not simply a robo adviser

The term robo-adviser has been one of the buzz words in wealth management for the past few years. But now there’s a new term that’s set to shake up the financial world – algo traders. It’s been coined by wealth management firm Novofina. Their CEO is Harald Helnwein.

Why FinTech Novofina keep their fees low – and why they don’t wine and dine their investment clients

You work hard for your money, so it’s natural that you want your money to work hard for you. That’s one of the values that underpin wealth management firm Novofina and their New Finance model. Their CEO, Harald Helnwein, explaind what that means in practice.

The people and investors behind FinTech Novofina - Next Generation Robo-Advisor

Investors world-wide are being offered a new way to have their money managed, through Novofina’s New Finance model. It offers access to state-of-the-art algorithms, low, transparent fees – and it leaves you in control of your money. But who are the people behind this new offering?

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